Sunday, April 24, 2011

Message 40 - Give to Others - 1/11

“Give to Others as You Gave to Me”

The bus climbed up the switchbacks of the Central Valley in Costa Rica, wrapped in a slight chill from the cloudy mist. I was listening to Jason’s favorite music when we rounded the bend and I fell into awe. It was so beautiful. I immediately knew something was going to happen here. I looked at Kule and he looked back with wide eyes and with the same knowing.

As I gazed over the lush green valley and peaceful hillsides blanketed in sun and clouds, met by passing kings posing as ancient trees, I heard Jason giving me a message through the tearful sunburst of love pouring from my heart.

“The messages are yours; you taught me.”

The teacher and student are one. Mother and son are one. There is no separation.

I also heard Enya singing in the background “If you really want to, you will seize the day.” Jason joined in with “Let go of your old beliefs.”

Three months later, as I write this, I know that this valley is my next home. I also realize there is perfect timing for everything. The book hasn’t been published, and yet it already is. It’s not a book in paper, but it is an e-book on a blog and available for anyone who wants to read it – .

I heard back from one publisher out of 4-5 that the book topic was touching but not what they were looking for; I haven't heard back from the others, but I hear publishing companies are hurting during these economic times. I’m now understanding that the book is meant to be self-published, and my mind won’t figure it out. Only my heart will know, at the right time. I will be publishing his photographs in a book at some point, but right now it is available at, so that, too, is published.

I’ll give the messages freely; I’ll give to others the way I know how, from my heart. Jason taught me this, as much as I taught him. Love comes back magnified. It’s meant to be spread freely. The world is needing it, and all need to know it is right in their hearts.

Con amor,
Michelle y Jason

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