Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The New Formless Era

The Mayan calendar ends 10/28/11. Then what?

The end of an era based on form (structure, predictability, systems, focus on the physical) has brought on confusion and fear, with predictions of major catastrophes. I do believe it is the end of life as we know it. I also believe it is the beginning of a much better life for all, if we are ready to embrace the change.

Going beyond form is hard to imagine, and therefore many of us don’t want to. What if what we find beyond form is way better what we could have imagined? That’s the whole point of not imagining it, so we can be open to attracting what is really good for us, with our hearts and not our minds.

Occupy Wall Street is working to dissolve the old economic systems that don’t work. There’s no perfect solution for the future, but I believe if we all believe we will be in a better place; the right solutions will drop into place at the right time. Forms we are used to may not exist. Cooperation and caring will continue to exist.

Change is hard – it’s a kind of death, and no one knows what really happens after death. I’m a believer in the spirit continuing after the body drops, and that we are all connected in that realm of spirit. When we care for each other, we connect spiritually. The love of dear ones who have died continues, and we may feel the love and energy of departed souls as clearly as we could when they were alive. What if we could connect with living souls in this way all the time? I believe we can, and that we are being guided to doing this more and more.

Permaculture teaches us how all living things and matter are connected, and how we can make that connection work to our advantage, creating sustainability. There’s no wonder why the interest in permaculture is taking off, in the midst of this year of great evolution. Every student that I have met that has studied permaculture has been in awe of the spiritual awareness they have gained.

My personal experience with the loss of my child Jason has taught me that the Formless is where it’s at (see "Formless" 9/23/09). I was in awe of how powerful our connection was after he died, as I connected with him, receiving messages (in this blog) that have been assisting my evolution and helping me to assist others’. My connection with the “other side”, the formless unseen place where we feel energy and get information, is so much stronger since my son passed and he brought me closer through our everlasting love. I am helping others to connect with the world of Spirit, introducing them to their spiritual guides, that I believe are aspects of their Higher Self.

I have proof that that world of Spirit does exist, and I believe strongly that if we connect more often with each others at this plane of existence, that we will find the peace that we have been seeking in the physical world. The world as we have known it is going through major changes in order to move us into that new world of spiritual connection. Perhaps as soon as we all get how we can connect spiritually, the physical world may no longer need to do its thing to wake us up.

Whatever people are afraid to lose in the world, as we have known it, will never be lost, just transformed. I believe that transformation is for our highest good, and when we surrender to what is happening, we find only peace and love.

* Image by Jason Foster, called "Deeper"