Monday, September 5, 2011

Healing Team

It's time to do our work as a healing team.

I was born a healer and I gave birth to a healer. My son Jason and I are connected beyond the womb connection, beyond this earth plane. When he passed from this earth at the age of 17 in 2009, he gave me powerful messages that I shared in my writings on this blog. We are doing our work together now. He is connecting me with his wisdom and that of many guides he gets to hang out with on the “other side”. Jason always attracted beautiful souls in life and beyond!

These last two years I’ve done powerful grieving, I’ve celebrated Jason’s life, and I’ve hung on to the roller coaster of emotions and adventure of creating a new life, including travelling to the west coast and Costa Rica finding beautiful new homes and new-culture communities with my beloved Kule ( ) . Now I’m embracing a new relationship with this beautiful soul called Jason that was my son for 17 years. He has opened a sacred door to me of trust of seeing and understanding the wisdom that is available to us beyond our senses. I’ve suffered a difficult physical loss, and I’m in awe of a beautiful spiritual gain that Jason is offering me from his world, and I in turn want to offer to this world. My love for my son transcends form and dimension, and connects me to him in order to receive information and energetic connection from pure Source.

We are a team.

Jason never used the words “spiritual”, “heal” or “healer”; I understand now that it is because he knew from deep wisdom that we are all capable of healing ourselves. His connection to Source is apparent in his photography and music ( I believe that just looking at his art and music (posting in progress 9/11) can be transformational to the viewer.

My commitment as a “healer” is to be a guide, to assist others to connect with their own inner wisdom and Source for self-healing. One of the first messages I received from Jason when he dropped his body and soared with his newfound spiritual freedom is to let everyone know what precious beings they are, and to help them find this within themselves. He helped his friends with this when he was alive, and continues to do this with those who continue to connect with his energy.

It is an honor to serve with Jason to help anyone who is asking for greater connection with their own beauty, wisdom, and creativity.

I do this in honor of you, Jason, and of my self.